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Launched 84“ CTP-LCM optical bonding for oversea customer in May 2014, 13.3" nake eye 3D panel certified by local customer

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Scope of application

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PET film is divided into: PET heat shrinkable film, PET antistatic film, PET high gloss film, PET reflective film, chemical coating film and so on, including chemical coating film is aimed to improve the performance of the surface of PET film with acrylic emulsion coating can improve the printing eligibility of PET, with aqueous polyurethane coating can enhance the adhesion strength of the aluminized layer with PET film. PET high brightness film because of its excellent mechanical and optical properties is mainly used in high-end vacuum aluminized products and laser anti-counterfeiting substrate film; Due to its excellent optical properties, aging resistance and thermal stability, PET reflective film is mainly used in reflective billboards, traffic reflective signs and industrial safety signs.

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